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We make sustainable and vegan shoes, all in Brazil.

Insecta was founded in January 2014 in the south of Brazil, with a visionary idea of upcycling vintage clothing to create colorful, creative smallbatch vegan shoes.

With the cloth of one dress, for example, we were able to make no more than 5 pairs of shoes. And that’s it, you’d never find the same patterned pairs again.


As we were growing, we started seeking more sustainable and ambitious solutions. We turned recycled plastic bottles into uppers, recycled rubber into soles, scraps of fabric into insoles, and recycled plastic into toecaps. Everything was repurposed!

We’re sure you are aware of the quote: trash is nothing more than a design error. Well we wanted to fix this ‘error’ and decided to CLOSE THE LOOP.
Because here at Insecta, we pollinate the world with color and conscience.In fact, we have a word to define what we do:





To highlight what we’ve built these past 5 years, we’ve compiled a list of our core values:




We make our shoes and accessories from:

  • Super sustainable fabrics;
  • Recycled plastic bottles and rubber;
  • Rescued deadstock fabrics;
  • Repurposed vintage clothing,
  • Umbrellas and car seatbelts.

Our packaging is biodegradable and made from recycled materials.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world, as well as being a high consumer of water. To fight this we work with materials that already exists, and are creative in our endeavours to increase its’ lifespan instead of tossing it and ending up in landfills.


Our entire supply and production chain is in Brazil. We only work with fair trade factories, and the costs of our shoes are openly laid out on our website. Brazil is not a place where we simply have our factories. It is our home, and we have a vested interest in the sustainability and future of this country.


There are absolutely no animal products or by-products in our shoes. We are 100% vegan. Remember, veganism is not simply a diet - it’s a lifestyle. Will you join us?


Yes, you read that right - our shoes can be worn by any and all. No exclusiveness. No limitations. Unicorns welcome. Just make sure you choose the right size!


We are a company founded by two women and composed mostly by women (hello one dude from our accounting department!). In short, at Insecta the future - AND THE PRESENT - is female.


We were the first footwear company to achieve this certification in Brazil in 2016.


Ensures our products are free from animal cruelty and are vegan.


Ensures that the environmental impact from our packaging is accounted for.



We are not just purveyors of pretty shoes. We strongly believe in creating a more ethical, sustainable, and transparent fashion industry. And we are committed in doing just that. Come and #STEPINTOACAUSE with us. We’ll save a spot - and a pair of shoes - for you!