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Hello beautiful Insecta family

We want to thank you. Every single one of you who have shopped, saved, liked, commented, shared, and helped us spread love, sustainability, consciousness and awareness.

You are all fantastic, and we are very grateful for you :coração_verde: 

Please keep doing your part; Thanks to you and your everyday choices our world will be a better place. 

 At this moment, Insecta will focus on our brand in Brazil, where we are more established and have a bigger following and awareness :joaninha::brasil:

 We fully plan to come back and spread our Beetles around the world again. If you would like to be the first to know when that happens please leave us your email so we can let you know first! :terra_américas: 

 If you need to contact us in the meantime, please send us a message at

Once again, thank you for everything. We hope to see you soon.
Warm wishes from Brazil,