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Grow pineapples & avocados in a jar

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Grow pineapples & avocados in a jar

We’re taught to throw out “extraneous” parts of fruits and veggies all the time, but the reality is that many of them have nutritional value, some are gorgeous houseplants waiting to happen, and others can actually reproduce if you treat ‘em right!



Before you throw out or compost your avocado pits, try sprouting ‘em instead for some uplifting household greenery. Simply peel your pits, wrap ‘em in a wet paper towel, toss ‘em in a bag, and wait patiently for the roots to grow! Once they do, stick ‘em in water and watch the pits crack to make way for gorgeous green leaves! New life. Your friends will say wow.


To grow a pineapple plant, all you need is a nice, fresh pineapple. Phase 1: Twist the leaves (or crown) off the top, making sure the area where the leaves come together stays intact. Strip off a few of the lower leaves to reveal the stem, and then turn it upside down to dry for a week. Phase 2: fill a large jar with water, making sure its opening is large enough for the pineapple crown to fit inside. Stick a few toothpicks into the crown to suspend it in the glass of water. Then, simply place the glass by a sunny window and wait for roots to sprout! When they do, follow further instructions for planting your sprouts in a pot of soil: eventually a whole new pineapple will grow from your labour of love!


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