Open Costs

We want you to understand our production process, from the materials used to the price you pay and why. So here's the cost breakdown of one Insecta when sold outside of Brazil:

 US$ 149 is the average shoe price.

  • 21% is the cost of materials, production and labour + the logistics and taxes to export and import to a different country.

    • 30% is what we pay for administrative expenses such as salaries, office space, marketing, softwares, and partners such as accounting and law firms

    • 7.5% goes for sales expenses, such as shipping costs, fulfilment, credit card rates, and so on.

    • 26.5% is what we pay to the government, our corporate taxes. 

    • 15% is what is left for us to reinvest in the business or to profit, and if our sales don't go as expected, we can't have these, and there's no way to grow the business.

    As you might know, running a business is not an easy task. We work on a 100% fair trade supply and productive chain, and with sustainable & vegan materials, so when you buy an Insecta you're helping a developing country to grow and improve, and helping the planet as well.

    Thank you for supporting us!