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For a more responsible consumption

We are at a critical moment when the economy, the environment, and society are calling for better action by political and private organizations.

It's no longer possible to run new businesses on old ideas.

We want to know the origin of the things we consume: who made them, in what way, under what conditions.

97% of the production of clothing sold in the west is made in distant countries, especially in Asia. There are about 40 million workers in clothing today, and the vast majority of them do not have their rights respected, or no rights at all.

We believe that transparency can be a transformation tool for more responsible consumption.


100% of Our shoes are ethically handcrafted in Southern Brazil.

95% of the raw materials are locally sourced (from Rio Grande do Sul, footwear center), in order to foster the local industry and reduce the environmental impact of transporting these materials.

The shoe production chain is long, full of processes, people and details. Each factory has its own way of working, its machinery and its focus. Ours is in the most artisanal production, made with manual processes that value the knowledge of professionals. We have people who understand making shoes besides just operating machines. We want a product made with care and we want to take care of who makes our products.


We work with outsourced factories, which are our partners in this endeavor to make shoes as sustainable as possible. And to ensure that all these people are working properly, with pay, vacation, working conditions and all rights up to date, we do periodic audits and have responsible people always in touch with the factories to make sure everything is right there.

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