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July 09, 2019

Bzzz’s the beehive shape!

vegan shoes made from recycled plastic super comfortable

You tell us time and time again how comfy Insectas are. From “it’s like a massage for my feet” to “I feel like I’m walking on clouds!”. We wholeheartedly agree, Insectas are comfy af.

So what makes them so comfy? Well here’s a bit of a humblebrag: it’s due to our innovative and cutting-edge beehive design. 

Every one of our insoles are patterned with a cushy mini-beehive imprint. With roughly 6-10 mini beehives throughout the insole. So instead of a flat insole, ours is textured giving the sensation of a foot massage. 

vegan shoes made from recycled plastic super comfortable

But our innovative design doesn’t stop there. Our insoles are made out of recycled fabric scraps (used to make the uppers) and recycled foam/recycled plastic. This means that the fabric surplus from our production chain produces new insoles. No waste and no design errors! #stepintoacause

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